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Cinema Abbreviated,

This Day (9th Nov) one of the greatest storyteller in the world of cinema was born. Shankar Nag our Dhronacharya, an inspiration. We are proud to reveal our new venture on this same day - FLAUNGE SHORTS, where cinema is truly abbreviated for online showcasing.

Art or commercial films, when you are being entertained - What's the difference.

We inhale Life and exhale Cinema, with unlimited stories to tell, we sure tell it in style.

Flaunge Short films - as democratic as it can be, of the people, for the people and by the people. The age has come, where short films will no more be a portfolio but a benchmark in itself. This is an Independent filmmaking movement in India, where we welcome any indee filmmaker with a new story to tell.

We flag this movement today. This community will update you with upcoming films and to be a part of its production, where we would logger together and have fun in making these films that would literally SHOW-UP.
So watch out for this space.
Our first Mega release, HOT SEAT kicks off with production this weekend.

The film is based on no true story, yet true to every one. A dark humour about the journey of life, misunderstanding the difference between needs and wants.

A high production value short film, with more than 45 artists, on a roller coaster trip with us. Look out for regular updates on the film and be part of production through FB.