About Us

Flaunge Simplified

People behind the scenes are disciplined in diverse knowledge sharing and understanding. It is such varied expertise of Filmmakers / VFX Specialists / 3d Animators / Social Media Experts / Script Writers / Fine Artists / Graphic Artists / Software developers / Anthropologists / Naturalists and Ad guru's, with combined experience of 20 years, have come together for one cause of creating quality visual content and tell stories that is never told the way we do and should be. This varied knowledge available helps us to understand the requirement in all dimensions and perspectives, be it philosophically, economically, effectively, socially and practically so that the consensus is achieved democratically.

Focussed Activities


Motion Picture

Flaunge is also into Community based activity and is working towards a common platform for the community of independent filmmakers through such initiatives like Bangalore Roof Top Film Festival www.brtff.com


3D Animation & VFX

As the world has moved into the age of wholesome entertainment and fast networks, it is our choice in dwelling into a service that would give an edge to your visual content by setting the standards to compete in the emerging environment. WE specialize in content development that is a part of your overall presentation strategy. 3D content development for - Architecture - Medical - Mechanical - Television Commercials CG Development - Logo - Video & Film Visual Effects/Special Effects


Social Media

With celebrity bloggers and social media experts in our team who have a strategic design plan implementation for online to off line activities with many support media like video, app, photographs, events, interactive ad, contests, social meeting arrangements to make social media networking and connectivity rich with context integration and activities to promote and interact with people on specific agenda.